3D Architecture / Engineering

Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC)

DUPED 3D makes 3D printing accessible to everyone in the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) world. Our printing techniques produce pure white and color physical models quickly, easily and inexpensively from 3D CAD, BIM and other digital data.  The most successful AEC firms, large and small, have adopted 3D printing as a critical part of the schematic design, design development and project delivery process to:

  • Increase innovation
  • Improve communication
  • Speed time to construction
  • Reduce costs
  • Win business


Architectural Models



Because 3D printiarchmodelng architectural models offers time savings in the design phase, its niche group of users is growing. Therefore, it’s important to know the strengths and limitations of both PolyJet technology and FDM Technology for this distinct application.

3D printing architectural models provides the opportunity to reduce the number of steps, improving design time, while retaining fine details of the final architecture plan.

Computer simulations have been used in engineering and architecture for a long time. However, visualization of buildings was traditionally done using scale models made of wood or foam board. This let architects see how the building would stand in physical space and whether any problems could be rectified. Now, 3D printing combines the precision of computer simulations with the tangibility of scale models.

This application requires understanding the concept and process of architectural design, and notions of scale, proportion, space, form and structure.