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Unlock the power of CAD by using 3D scanning for reverse engineering, quality inspection, design, prototyping, digital restoration, digital archiving, visualization, analysis and duplication. 3D scanning enables you to access information previously locked in an inaccessible physical form and inject it into your existing CAD based processes. This data can then be used at any point in the manufacturing process to help you measure parts, create CAD data, make parts fit, improve quality, analyze the competition, scale parts up and down, save warehouse space, capture performance surfaces, and more.


  • 3d Scanning

    3D scanning provides fast, accurate measurement of the as-built condition of your physical part, and can be used for any object or environment. Whether you’re scanning a jumbo jet or a 4mm tall figurine, you can take advantage of our 3D Scanning Services.

  • Reverse Engineering

    Because every project is different, you have different options for how your object is modeled, including standard formats for use in manufacturing, tooling and more.

    We even create fully parametric models that retain complete feature tree data with our advanced Reverse Engineering Services.

  • Quality Inspection

    Quality inspection using 3D laser scanning is a fast and simple way to compare as-built physical parts to as-designed digital models, empowering you to easily discover surface deviations such as warpage, tooling deterioration, and other defects. Ensure your parts are being manufactured to spec with Quality Inspection Services.

  • Product Development

    If you have a unique project that requires the capture of 3D data, we are a valuable partner in your quest for a solution. Whether it’s a combination of off-the-shelf parts or completely custom software and hardware, our 3D Scanning Product Development process will help you obtain the best possible solution to fit your needs.3d-scanner-ipad-occipital-2










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